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The Word-Faith Movement: Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

The most rapidly expanding segment in today's modern church age is the Word-Faith Movement. It is this charismatic, yet heretical camp which is attempting to persuade us that Jesus and His disciples were rich; that poverty and sickness are sins; and that faith is a creative force. Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Copeland, and T.D. Jakes are among many others who subscribe to these erroneous teachings. This comprehensive publication addresses, exposes, and refutes the unbiblical doctrines of the Word-Faith Movement by closely examining the scriptures and comparing them to Word-Faith theology. (Read More)

A Closer Look at Tithing

Are you a Christian who has been badgered and judged as a "God Robber"? Have you been sentenced to Hell for failing to tithe? Do you tithe money in order to elude a curse; or do you live a life in fear of being cursed because you cannot afford to tithe? Have you been judged as undisciplined and made to feel like a second class Christian because you were unable to tithe? This publication addresses the traditional (and sometimes abusive) practice of church tithing by taking a comprehensive examination of scriptures used by tithing advocates and contrasting them to what the Bible teaches in light of proper exegetical context. (Read More)

Women Serving as Pastors: Stepping Out of Divine Order

In today's modern church age, more and more women are holding pastoral positions. But, did God call women to preach and teach, or should men hold the positions of leadership in the church? (Read More)


A Defense for the Unborn

This article calls attention to the hotly contested abortion issue. It offers a defense for unborn children by challenging those who attempt to justify abortion. In addition, this publication brings to light the atrocities that occur to those who cannot speak for themselves. Moreover, it addresses the corrupt agenda of the world's largest abortion agency --- Planned Parenthood. (Read More)


The Offerings of Cain & Abel

Much debate has been made concerning the type of offerings given by Abel and Cain and why God accepted one while rejecting the other. It is the opinion of some church leaders that Abel brought a tithe to the Lord while others postulate that it was an offering of blood that God found acceptable. This essay aims to provide a counterclaim with a more accurate exegetical solution to this issue.

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Judging and Touching the Untouchables

Many people do not take kindly to an evaluation of their "pastor’s" doctrines. When false teachers are dauntlessly interrogated by those who are proficient in sound biblical exegesis, they resort to a variety of tactics to avoid exposure of their erroneous teachings. One such stratagem involves the inappropriate use of Psalm 105:15 ("Do not touch My anointed …") and Matthew 7:1 ("Judge not ...."). The goal of this article is to address the purposeful misapplication of these verses and gain a more accurate understanding of the right and wrong kinds of judging. (Read More)


No Continuation of Prophets Today

Much controversy and tension arises in the Christian Church of whether the existences of the prophetic gifts are still valid today. I elected to produce this publication to comprehensively challenge and refute the argument that the prophetic gifts are legitimately functional in the church today. (Read More)


Refuting Creflo Dollar on Tithing

According to Creflo Dollar, tithing proves our trust and appreciation for what Jesus has done for us. During his sermon "Being Free to Tithe", Mr. Dollar comes clean with the fact that Christians will not be cursed for not tithing. However, while he openly admits that believers in Christ will not be cursed for failing to tithe, he nevertheless alleges that there will be repercussions for failing to tithe. This article refutes those notions and exposes the continual cycle of manipulation that Mr. Dollar uses to exploit his misguided supporters.

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