Poetry Corner

Broken Heart

By: Charlene Smith-Allen

Are you here when I cry tears of sorrow,
Or do you just see the smile I pretend to wear?
Do you feel the hurt inside of me,
Or do you just feel a friendly handshake,
when you reach out to shake my hand?
Do you know that sometimes when you speak to me,
I don't hear a word you are saying?
For my mind has wandered off to be with my dad.
I can't touch him,
Nor can I see him except in my mind,
And I can only feel him in my heart.
The little girl inside of me cries out for her daddy.
It hurts to love someone so much!
My heart aches to hear his voice again,
To see his smile,
To wrap my arms around him and say,
"Daddy, I Love You!"
The only comfort I have is knowing that he is in Heaven,
Happier than he has ever been,
And someday I'll get the chance to wrap my arms around him and say,
"Daddy, I Love You!"
What a Glorious Day that will be.



"No one in this world can love a girl more than her father." ~ Michael Ratnadeepak