Poetry Corner

I Am Profanity

By: Lewis E. Thomas

I entered the room in a stunning evening gown
Carried by the most beautiful woman in town!


I watched heads turn from every direction
As the men were awed by her curves and perfection!


I quickly melted her great beauty away!
When I was mingled with what she had to say!


As my vileness issued forth from her perfect lips
I blacked out her beauty like a solar eclipse!


As I issued forth from behind those pearl white teeth
I revealed what was in her evil heart beneath!


I hide in every mouth in every land!
I reside with the poor and with the rich and grand!


I often destroy the innocence of the child!
As I sting their ears with things perverse and vile!


I am a cancer that grows on the spoken word!
Without God I proceed forth undeterred!


I sit lurking behind every tongue!
I am found with the old and with the young!


I am a plague upon all humanity!
I am known as: “PROFANITY”!



 "The nature and extent of profanity and vulgarity in our society is a measure of its deterioration."

~ Dallin H. Oaks


"Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly."

~ Spencer W. Kimball