Poetry Corner

Is It Too Much To Ask?

By: Danny Partridge

Dreaming of daylight, it's not far away
This isolation booth I'm in gets lonely and gray.
Yesterday, I was just a twinkle in my Dad's eye
The discussion now is should I live or die.


Is it too much to ask, to be given the chance
To grow up and dream, to sing and to dance.
Is it too much to ask, to take my first breath
Without enduring a cruel and unjust death.


Is it too much to ask, to laugh and to cry
When some people would rather see me die.
Is it too much too to ask, to experience life
As a devoted husband, or a proud new wife.


Is it too much to ask (you), to do the right thing
The saints will rejoice and the angels will sing.
You chose your path and thought it was right
I would have made you proud, day and night.


I love you so much, and I forgive you too
Pray for my soul - I will be praying for you.




 "I am your creator. You were in my care even before you were born."
(Isaiah 44:2)