Poetry Corner

My Precious Son

By: Author's Name Withheld By Request

"We love you, son"
That's what I was told
Heading back to school
Just twenty years old


Living the life
Not wanting for much
Had the girl of my dreams
And yearned for her touch


One cold morning
My fears came true
"I'm pregnant" she said
What shall we do?


Our parents can't know
That wouldn't be right
So we called up the doctor
And met him that night


Left the clinic in a hush
Thinking that wasn't too bad
With a sense of relief
Too young to be a Dad


The days turned to months
As I cut it from my mind
Then looked deep within
to see what I would find


My God, My God
What have I done
To my beautiful child
To my precious son


The regret and the pain
They cut like a knife
To know that I chose
To end my child's life


So here I am today
The months are now years
And I talk to him often
As I hold back the tears


I will always love you
I can see your sweet face
Lord, please forgive me
And welcome our first embrace


Sunshine -  wait for me
Until my time here is done
So I can be the Dad you deserved
My precious, precious son



"Abortion has many victims. One of them is the father of the child."


"With you went so much of me."